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      Emad Salem                                                                                                

special agent (Jhon Anticve)   

Special agent (Nancy Floyed)


 Detective(Louie Napoly)


I , as an American Muslim condemn the cowardly attacks on France in the

strongest way

and my condolences to the French People, these cowardly attackers are

 dragging the Muslim Religion into the mud with their actions.


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Peter Lance

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The Muslim Brotherhood threatens Obama 
to releasing the secret documents ?


EL Shatr and his son Saad

Have secrets documents on Obama? 


THE president chose to associate himself with reverend Wright    

MR Obama

this is what you released


This is the evil doers

and you are an enabler

Shame on you


Abongo Obama

The untold story of Emad Salem, Al Qaeda cell,the FBI,the CIA and the blind Sheik on American soil.

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MR. President,What are you doing ?

Step # 1. compassionate release for Lynne Stewart

Step # 2   ??




We call them fanatics,terrorist,islamist,muslim brotherhood,gamma islamia,I call them EVIL DOERS


I-Team: Informant in Blind Sheik Terror Case Talks Undercover Experience



thepublicrecord.org http://pubrecord.org/nation/10726/blind-sheikh-flashpoint-terror-years/





From  IRAN through SUDAN

After the total destruction of the Iraqi Military and
dismantling of the Syrian Military, the only Military still intact in the Arab World is the Egyptian Army. However,the Iranian Strategy is to engage the Egyptian Military in a War with the Israelis, by providing the Mujahedeen who came back to Egypt with weapons after they were Part of Al Qaida, due to President Morse,s Permission.
Providing Iranian/Sudanese Weapons to these Rebels in Sinai, will allow them to shoot at Israelis from Sinai. When the Israelis respond, the Egyptian Military will be obligated to get engaged to counter the Israelis response.That will allow Hesballah to attack Israel from the North , while the Palestinians in Gaza will open their fire in Conjunction with the Sinai Rebels on top of the Egyptian Military. That will open the War Game for Iran to accomplish the weakening of the Egyptian Military by engaging them in a War and leave the Israelis open for an Iranian Attack.
I hope the smart Egyptian Military will not allow the Iranian and Sudanese Weapons to be smuggled to Sinai and keep them aware of the Iranian/ Sudanese War Game.hdismantling of the Syrian Military, the only Military still intact in the Arab World is the Egyptian Army. However,the Iranian Strategy is to engage the Egyptian Military in a War with the Israelis, by providing the Mujahedeen who came back to Egypt with weapons after they were Part of Al Qaida, due to President Morse,s Permission.

Successful  CASES

Prior to my involvement in bringing Sheik Rahman and his henchmen to justice for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, approving the bombing of the United Nations and ordering me to blow up an American Millitary Target
I had great success in preventing or undermining several planned Terrorist Attacks.

Working with the New york Joint Terrorist Taskforce of the FBI, I had the opportunity to work with dedicated Agents Nancy floyd, John Anticev, Louie Napoli and Steve Vierra. With their help we were able to stop several Terrorist Plans:

1.  In 1992, I suggested to Ibrahim El Gabroni and Ali El Shenowi that it was bad timing and it would be counterproductive to place 12 Bombs in New york Synagogues. They discontinued their planning.

2.  A follow up bombing was planned for after the World Trade Center Bombing on February 26, 1993; however, Siddig Ali heeded my comment that there would be too much security in place after the bombing.

3.  Siddig Ali and his underground group had planned to place 5 highly explosive bombs at the UN Building, the FBI offices, the Holland Tunneland the Washington Bridge after getting the Blessings of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. If it weren't for our efforts and their arrest, they would have succeeded.

4.  Siddig Ali, with the Sheiks Blessings, planned to have Sudanese Pilots fly MIG 17's into the Presidential Palace to kill President Mubarak and then crash the pplanes into the American Embassy in Cairo. After I informed the Egyptian Millitary, they raised their Air- Defense on the Sudanese Border, preventing the incursion by Sudanese Pilots.

5.  Ibrahim El Gabroni and Ali El Shenowi planned to break Sayed Nossair from prison, after his conviction for the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane. I was able to convince them that it was too much risk for other operation plans.

6.  Ibrahim El Gabroni and Ali El Shenowi planned to kill several other people: Assemlyman Dv Heikind, Senator D'Amato, Butros Butros - Ghali and the Judge who convicted Nossair. Once again they were convinced by me , that the timing was not right and it would have a negative effect on the other plans.

7.  At one point, President Mubarak had planned to visit the United States and the Sheik ordered me to murder him. I called my contacts in the Egyptian Millitary and had his trip cancelled.

8.  Montaser El Sayet, currently a member of Al Gamaa Al Islamia and the legal representative as well, was arrested smuggling a large amount of cash to fund Terrorist Operations. I made the phone call that had him picked up upon his arrival in Cairo.

9.  Sayed Nossair instructed Ali El Shenowi and myself to kidnap Henry Kissinger and use him as a bargaining tool. I did not agree to carry out the operation at the time, so it fell by the wayside.

Most of what I discussed above was recorded and documented during my years of working Under- cover for the JTTF (New York Office).I am proud of what I did for my adopted Country. Truly, America is the home of the free and the brave


Hssan Elbanna

Saied Kotop
I will leave the answer for you to decide

In order to understand who the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is,we have to ask, how and why this group was established. In the town of Ismaelea in Egypt, on March 3rd, 1928,a group of six individuals, who worked in the Military Camps, held a meeting with an arabic Language Teacher, Mr. Hassan El Banha and they agreed to establish THE GROUP OF MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. They elected Mr. Banha to be their Leader. At the time Mr. El Banha was 22 years old.


    1.   The establishment Period (no obedience required).

 2.   The Gihad Period (obedience is obligatory)

    3.   The Victory Period (is ongoing,as we speak)

In the Establishment Period, Mr. El Banha did not force anyone to join the Group, but once the Gihad Period started, it became mandatory for all members to obey all orders from the Leaders of the Group. Mr. El Banha always looked forward to the Victory Period, which ultimately boiled down to ruling Egypt by Islamic Law.

The Establishment Period lasted 10 years. Up to 1938 , when Hassan El Banha announced to his Followers, that the Gihad Period had started and he gave his Orders to establish a Military Wing, known as " The Secret Organization " and appointed Mr. Abdel Rahman ( El Sendi ) to be the Leader of the Secret Organization.

Mr. El Sendi always received his Missions from Mr. El Banha personally. These Orders directed the Secret Organization's effort against the British Occupation.In 1945, a member of the Secret Organization succeeded to assassinate the Prime Minister of Egypt, Mr. Achmed Maher.

In 1946 the Head of the Secret Organization succeeded to recruit Mr. Gamal Abdel Nasser and other colleges of him, all of which swore a Pledge of Allegiance to Mr. El Banha.

In November of 1947, The United Nations announced the decision of dividing Palestine, the decision which directed the efforts of the Secret Organization to be in a war against the Jewish Community.

The Secret Organization continued their violent attacks against Judges and Members of the Government and focused their attacks on Jewish Businesses ( Ban Zion and/ or Gatinio and Marckony ).

On December 8 th , 1948, the Egyptian Government announced Marshal Law Order# 63, to dismantle The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and seize all of their Assets.

When Gamal Abdel Nasser became the first Egyptian President, he ordered releasing all the members of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD from Jail and let them out into Egyptian Society.
The Group did not like the way Mr. Nasser ruled Egypt and they plotted to assassinate him and his Cabinet of that time.
Mr. Salah Nasr, the Head of the Central Intelligence of Egypt, succeeded to dismantle the plots and the Group itself.However, it is noted that the MUSLIM Brother Hood's goals might seem to be religiously motivated,but they never forgot their main Political Goal  -   To rule Egypt by Islamic Law, which is no problem, except that everybody has a different  interpretation.
Some other people manipulate  this law to fit their agenda .
After stating these historic facts, I am leaving the conclusions about the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD to you.

hen (GOD) sent his messenger MOHAMED (P.B.U.H.) after delivering the scripture,he also asked him to marry 2 Jewish wives and a Christian to teach us tolerance

You who believe in GOD and his prophet ( Peace be upon him )
 and Islam as a peaceful, tolerant Religion, stand up and rise up against Fanaticism and the Fanatics who hijacked our peaceful, tolerant Islam and portrayed it as a violent, zealot Religion. Don't be afraid of their threats and retaliation.
Some of them are seeking a special , financial Agenda and some of them are seeking Fame and Power, and the rest of them are being manipulated to execute their Leaders Agenda under the assumption that they will go to Heaven, if they kill Christians and/ or Jews.
I was there, I lived with them and I understood their Double- Faces,in public they are pious and religious and in private they are completely the opposite, showing their real faces.
Sadly, they allowed themselves to be Judges, Jury and Executioners to anybody, who disagrees with their radical views.
When they are in trouble,it is o.k. for them to hire Jewish Attorneys,but when somebody else, like President Sadat singes a Peace- Agreement with a Jewish State, they consider him an Infidel and his blood becomes permissible (This is the Hippocratic itself )
I understand, your peacefulness and your rejection of violent Fanaticism, but your rejection is not enough.
I live amongst you as a Muslim- American and I understand how good you are as American- Muslim Citizens, but in the Defense of our Faith you must stand up and rise up, to announce to the whole World, that these Radical Terrorists do not speak on behalf of Islam,nor are they the holy representatives to one of the great Religions.
On the contrary, they are destroying the image of Islam and interrupting the Human Harmony 

             Emad Salem

               CONSIDERING HIM A MARTYR !!



Three decades after the assassination of the remarkable, NOBEL PEACE PRIZE Holder President Anwar Sadat, who paid his life for Peace and Morality, his assassins came up with the so-called " Revision of El Gama El Islamaia's Ideas ", discussed specifically in a TV Interview in Egypt with reporter MONA El SHAZLY, former Egyptian Officer and the Mastermind of the plot to assassinate the President in 1981, Mr. Aboud El Zummer ( a Leader in Gamal Islameia and former Intelligence Officer in the Egyptian Army ) discovered, that assassinating President Anwar Sadat was " wrong " and he and his followers are " sorry " - Furthermore, they considered President Anwar Sadat a " Martyr ". When the interviewer asked him, if he is taking the responsibility for the decision to assassinate the President, Mr. Zummer declined by saying, " At the time of the assassination, we ( El Gamaia El Islamaia ) were  " Knowledge Seekers " and the Islamic Scholars, who issued the " Fatwa " are the ones who should be held responsible ".

It took 25 years, for Mr. El Zummer and the rest of the group who were in Prison for carrying out the assassination, to review the ideas .
Using violence to demonstrate objections is wrong and not civilized. Furthermore, Mr. Zummer said that killing the foreign tourists in Egypt also was wrong. 
 Not to forget the killing of:

1. Media Reporter Mr. Farag Fouda

2. Head of Parliament Mr. Rafat El Magub

3. Interior Minister Hassan El Alfi

4. Attempted Murder of Mr. Nagib Mafuse ( Nobel Peace Prize Winner  and Author of many Books )

5. 63 Swiss,Japanese and French Tourists in Luxor

6.  132 Egyptian Police Officers and Soldiers in Sohag ( upper Egypt )

The list of victims is so long and their Excuse is:

"We consulted the Islamic Scholars,who are permitted to issue such Fatwas" .

The reporter, Ms. SHAZLY , asked: " What if that Scholar issued that Fatwa by mistake, since he is human and all humans can do mistakes ? ".
Mr. Zummer replied :" It is his responsibility to evaluate all issues, before making the decisions, like it is done so in court - The Judge can rule to execute an Individual ".
Ms. Zoghby objected to Mr. Zummer's comparison between an Islamic Scholar and the Court System, by saying: " The Judge cannot rule the Execution by himself, but there is a court system,after the Prosecutors display the crimes committed and the Defense Team exhausts all possibilities to Aquitaine their client, then the Judge can rule to execute".

In the case of the Islamic Scholar, who played Judge, Prosecutor and Defense Lawyer by himself, is COMPLETELY WRONG, especially if the Scholar is emotionally involved in the case.

Mr. Zummer still insists to deny his responsibility for the violence committed, by passing it to the Scholar, which he never mentioned by name, during the entire Interview.



We are in the month of February  getting closer to the anniversary of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, which is considered the first Terrorist Act on American soil, conducted by Al Queida. I would like to mention a few facts.

             1. As much as our Intelligence Agencies work hard, they are not comprehending the full depth of the Middle Eastern Mentality and culture.

             2.  When the Blind Sheik was allowed to enter into the U.S. our Intelligence Agencies did not understand, how far he can go.

             3.  It is proven, after the Blind Sheik's conviction and the solid evidence presented by the F.B.I. that the Blind Sheik will never acknowledge how fortunate he is, to be on American soil. Instead, he ordered to blow up American Army Bases.

             4.  Did we learn something from what happened in the 90's - unfortunately, the answer is NO !

             5.  To-day the Americans are supporting the group of the Muslim Brotherhood, who control the majority of the new Egyptian Parliament, forgetting the facts that

             a.  The group of " The Muslim Brotherhood " is a civilian group.

             b.  The Muslim Brotherhood Group was dissolved by Presidential Order, in January 14 th, 1954 , signed by Mohammed Nagib, the President at that time.

             c. In 12/4/ 1954, there was another Presidential Order, to seize all assets, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

             d.  According to the Law, that a civilian Group should not practice any Politics. So, the American Support eventually will be wasted - not only because of the Illegitimacy of The Muslim Brotherhood, but for their denial of any American Support, once they come into Power  -   The same way The Blind Sheik did.

             6. A similar mistake has been made, when the Americans helped Mr. El Malky in Iraque , thinking, he might be loyal later on. But the facts talk louder. His Loyalty falls to the Sheie Mullahs in Iran. In a way, we are emboldening the Iranian influence in the Arabian Peninsula.

              7.  I think, we need to learn, dissect and digest the Middle eastern Cultures, before we commit the American Money to someone, who will come back and bite the U.S.A.



  His language is guns and blood

The sheik USES his knowledge and intellect to   order killings and destruction where ever he goes.

some of the stolen gold was recovered from sheik Omar's bedroom at the time of his arrest after SADAT'S assassination 1981.

        PRESIDENT SADAT            FARAG FOUDA                                                  REFAT ALMAGOUB               
ATEF SEDKY                                    HASAN AL ALFY                         NAGEEB MAHFOZ                                       

                     abdallah azam                           KAHANA





he people you see in the photos above were killed upon the orders of sheik omar Abdel Rahman in pursuit of his agenda.


                                                                                                             MIG 17

                                                                                                             MIG 17



After the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993,the F.B.I requested from me to go back Undercover to infiltrate Sheik Omar's cell,I acted very submissively towards SHEIK OMAR who asked SIDDIQUE to approach me to do JIHAD so GOD may forgive me for serving an infidel government during my military years.
SIDDIQUE assured me, that this is SHEIK Omar's wish.
The plan was as follows:
1-SIDDIQUE has two Sudanese Fighter Pilots (ISSAM GELGAL and another ) who are waiting for Siddique's Signal to fly two Mig- 17's through the Air-Defense Radar Gaps of Egypt , to unload their missiles at Hosni Mubarak's Presidential Palace appearing in the picture above.
2-The pilots will turn the planes around towards Tahrir Square,where the American Embassy is located.
3-The pilots will use the two Planes as Missiles, by crashing them into the American Embassy, appearing in the picture above.
4-The two pilots will eject themselves before the crash, landing in Tahrir Square.
5- I showed Siddique my picture shown above to show off my strong military background.
 6- My mission in this operation was waiting for the two pilots to land after the crash and pretend to arrest them, since I will be wearing my Uniform showing my Rank, using a Jeep that looks like a military car.
7- Leave Tahrir Square with the two pilots in the back of my Jeep.
8- I should release the 2 pilots, in a safe place they will inform me about later.
9-I informed the F.B.I Agent John Anticev and one of my old Military High ranking Officers, to take the necessary precautions to prevent this catastrophe from happening.
10-It is not a secret, that Agent John Anticev was furious, that I informed my Military, former colleague, since that job is the State Department Protocol.

                   A TERRORIST PLOT
                                                                                BOUTROS GALY

After the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing and after the supervision of Sheik Omar, Siddique focused his effort on recruiting me to participate in what they called " Ghihad ".
The time was 4:00 a.m. in Siddique's apartment in New- Jersey and Siddique continuing to suggest the operations and the bombings he would like to accomplish. At this time it was what he called " The Big House "and that is the nickname he invented for " The United Nations Building ".I asked Siddique, if he had already obtained a "Fatwa" from Sheik Omar for this operation, as the recorded tapes reveal. Siddique responded that he did not have the "Fatwa" yet,but that he has the facilitator, who will assist us to accomplish the "Big House's " operation, I asked him with curiosity and for the sake of the recordings. Siddique's answer was, the Sudanese Ambassador.
 Honestly I did not believe him, until he picked up the phone and dialed a number. The time was 6:00 a.m. To my surprise, the other party on the phone answered and arranged to meet with us at 10:00 a.m.
I could not believe that Siddique was powerful enough to call the Sudanese Ambassador at his home at 6:00 a.m.
At this time I must inform the F.B.I. Agent John Anticev with this development.
I excused myself to go home to change clothes, take a shower and bring extra recording tapes.
John Anticev and Louie Napoli responded to my call and came to my apartment at 7:30 a.m.
As usual, John gave me extra tapes, but Louie warned me about carrying my recording device inside the Sudanese Mission, since it is considered Sudanese Territory and I will have to go through inspection upon entry and if I got caught,inside the Sudanese Ambassadors Office, the F.B.I. will have no Jurisdiction to help me to get out. I responded positively to Louie's warning,but I couldn't resist the opportunity to document this meeting on tape.
I took my briefcase loaded with 3 hours of tape and met with Siddique to go to the Ambassador's office.
I was concerned that the magnetometer at the checkpoint will ruin my tapes, even before the meeting took place, so I made sure not to put the briefcase through the magnetometer but I opened it for physical inspection, luckily it went through.
To my surprise, Siddique was very casual in his conversation with the Ambassador, who promised us to provide a Diplomat License Plate to be used on a stolen limousine to carry the bomb into the United Nations Building.
Siddique came up with a new request from the Ambassador, to provide him with the itinerary for Boutros Galy, the Head of The United Nations at that time, The Ambassador agreed with a big smile, knowing that Siddique was after Boutros Galy since he is " Dirty Coptic "and promised to provide the itinerary .
Thank God that I was able to walk out of the Embassy safely,with a very incriminating tape, to reveal the real face of the Sudanese Government.
It was not surprising to me , that Louie Napoli was furious, when he saw me walking out of the United Nations Building with the briefcase in my hand.
(I think) that this recording was the main reason for the State Department to throw this Ambassador out of the U.S since he has Diplomatic Immunity and  proceeded to put Sudan on the list of the countries supporting Terrorism.
Of course, that happened at a later time.



                                             MOSTFA SHALABY


                 Belal Al Kezy  Mohamed Salamh   Nedal Aiad    Hampto Al   Abou Halima

                     THE HENCHMEN


Killing Mostafa Shalaby was attempted once before by Mohamed Salama Nedal Aiad AND Belal aL kezy when they went on A drive With Mostafa Salaby, but it was unsuccessful.
After Hampton Al's arrest and at the time of searching his home , a 22 caliber pistol was retrieved.

   After the Afghan / Russian  War ended, the PRINCE OF JIHAD, SHEIK OMAR ABD EL RAHMAN, arrived on US. soil, despite of the fact that his name was on the terrorist list and he was not allowed to enter the country.
The first blood spilled on American soil by AL Quaida, was a religious Muslim man(MOSTAFA SHALABY)
who was leading the Fund raising in AL FAROUK mosque in Brooklyn.
 Sheik Omar smelled the money in the mosque's safe, it was around  ONE MILLION- or that is what everybody said.
The Sheik requested the money, so he can do with it what he pleases , since he is the PRINCE OF JEHAD.
MOSTAFA refused,insisting the money had to go to the AFGHAN MUJAHEDIN, for  their war against the RUSSIANS.
The Sheik became angry and ( as a very close relative to MOSTAFA told me) he held a Trial for Mostafa in his home in Brooklyn,with the assistance of HAMPTON Al ,BELAL AL KEZY,MOHAMED SALAMAH and NEDAL AYAD as the Sheik's Assistant. With the final  refusal by Mustafa , the Sheik gave his sentence - " Mustafa's Blood is PERMISSIBLE " .
 The rest of the work was done by the Sheik's Henchmen.
Sadly, Mustafa's body was discovered later, after numerous gunshots ,by a pistol (22 caliber )
and his body was mutilated.
A lot of effort was put into investigating this homicide but it was not solved, until 20 years later, when I was working with Peter Lance on an article about Terrorism


                       PETER LANCE                       JAMES MOSS                   JOHN MAURO

link to                http://www.peterlance.com/wordpress

One night, I was going through some of the transcripts of my old tapes and I came across one of my recordings of  Hampton El in his safe house in Brooklyn.
I noticed that  Hampton El mentioned, that it was a 22 caliber pistol which was used as the murder weapon in MOSTAFA SHALABY's case, so I made a mental note of it.
I called PETER LANCE the investigative reporter who wrote" A Thousand  Years of Revenge,The Cover Up and Triple Cross" and lots of articles, regarding terrorism and how terrorism started on US.soil.
Peter and I worked on an article about terrorism, called (


Home PageAnother article you can read it at this link.
http://www.scribd.com/doc/35383480/The-Man-Who-Risked-His-Life for-America

Peter knows when a good tip falls into his lap and he immediately started to call his contacts  who connected him to the South- Brooklyn Homicide Division.
Homicide DETECTIVE JAMES MOSS , took the tip seriously and was thirsty for more information.
Peter connected me with 
DETECTIVE JAMES MOSS, who was willing to travel to any undisclosed,secure location to my liking,to meet with me.
and his partner detective JOHN MAURO traveled to the location I chose.
On the first day, I talked for four hours, providing the two Homicide Detectives with the details I gathered at the time I was under-cover.
The Detectives didn't say much, but they were evaluating every word I said.
The next day we met in a different secure location for five hours.
At that moment,finally,the seasoned Detective James Moss talked and thanked me for the information I provided. He did not waste time to fly back to New- York and to roll up his sleeves to jump into  reviewing hundreds of twenty year old files and retrieving old evidence with a new and fresh look at the case.
It was not an easy road but having Peter Lance behind him, as a motivator ,was very helpful
On the other hand, Peter Lance used his journalistic tactics to open some doors Detective Moss confronted, until the case is solved and closed after 20 long years- Thanks to Peter Lance and a heroic Detective, who never gave up.
To-day Peter and James are working together on a book to tell the untold story of the first Homicide by Al Quaida on American soil.
  Lawyer Lynn Stewart

She was part of the sheik's defense team as a lawyer. She knows the law very well, she cross examined me on the stand for 9 grueling days in the( Day of Terror Trial).Sheik Omar used her to deliver his messages from Federal prison to his followers, via a press release, to kill and attack tourists and they did, in the Luxor massacre (Egypt).65 Swiss,French and Japanese were killed to free their beloved Sheik. Lynn steward was arrested and convicted .She is serving her sentence of 10 years in Federal prison ,another evidence to show the power of manipulation, Sheik Omar succeeded to use her, even though he does not speak English . 




You are the 21 st. Century Revolutionary Youth, who accomplished what our generations couldn't .You were able to speak up at the time our generation couldn't . You were able to topple a Tyrant, surprisingly in the most civilized manner.You did not follow a barbaric way to express your opinion, as what happened in President Saddat's Assassination. You proved  to the world your strength,power and determination,yet - in a most civilized manner. You didn't assassinate the former President, but you proved to the world, that you are the Generation of Law. Despite the aggression of Mubarak's Regime, you did not transgress against him or the members of his Government. You proved to the minority who used violence as a way of expression, that violence is not the way of the civilized world.
  • My eyes were filled with tears, yet they were fixed on the TV-screen, watching the unity of the Egyptian Youth in protecting our wonderful Egypt.
  • At Tahrir Square, the radical minority assassinated Tourists, yet you protected the Egyptian Monuments in the Square from the corrupted. I hope and pray to God, to increase your wisdom and determination to protect the previous generations, who couldn't accomplish, what you did. May God bless every Martyr , who sacrificed their Life ,to raise up the Egyptian Flag high up to the sky.I also pray to God, to give you the wisdom, not to follow the minority of Fanatics, who created an ugly vision of the Egyptian People.


My name is Emad A. Salem. I was born in Cairo, Egypt
*graduated from the Military-Technical College and graduated with engineering degree in electronics.I  served in the Egyptian Army since 1969


until I retired in 1987.I was raised in a Middle-class Family with a Military Father, Mother and
 two siblings.


My love for America started in my early years since I attended an American Kindergarten School. The kindness of the staff made me love the American people and made me love the red white and blue flag with the stars.

and build my dream that I would like to become an American one day.My dream became true, when I immigrated to the USA in 1987 and after a few odd jobs I landed a position as an Engineer/Head of Security in a chain of Hotels in Manhattan


In 1991 I was approached by an F.B.I. Special Agent, Nancy Floyd , who requested my assistance in monitoring a group of Russians who were staying in the Hotel I worked for. I helped the Counter- Intelligence Squad for the New-York Office as an Intelligence asset and I think I was helpful enough so that Special Agent Nancy Floyd referred me to one of the Undercover Detectives in the I.N.S. New- York Office(KYLE HUTCHINSON) . The information delivered was accurate , so that Agent NANCY FLOYD referred me to the J.T.T.F.( Joint Terrorist Task Force )as an Intelligence Asset as well.

Saied Nosair and Bilal al kesey (Kahana's) assassins and the getaway car driver(abou Halima)

*The first case was to infiltrate a group of fanatic  Radicals, who participated in the murder- case of Rabbi Meir Kahane in Manhattan.I became part of this group's demonstration

            Allison Mitchel-   New- York Times            Kevin Mc Coy  Newsweek Magazine

  Karim Haji New-York channel 1                         

and their media campaign close to Nosairs inner group

                                                      Ali Elshennawy

On a trip to Detroit for Fund-raising Sheik Omar asked me to assassinate President Mubarak

 on his coming trip to New York.When the radical group started to request from me to build 12 Bombs ,to be blown up in the Synagogs of Manhattan, the J.T.T.F. was obligated to switch gears and change my status from Intelligence Asset, to become a paid Informant on a full-time basis.For $500.00 per week , I used to work 20 hours a day, with the backup of the dedicated Heroes , Special Agents Nancy Floyd, John Anticev  and Detective Louie Napoly, whose  pictures are posted on the front page of this site.
The Fanatics also switched gears and chose bigger targets: 1-The Washington Bridge
                                                                                               2-The Statue of Liberty
                                                                                               3-Grand Central Station
                                                                                               4-The World Trad Center


                  After surveilling the targets I comunicated immediatly with the FBI agents
                these photos were taken by (Siddid Ali )who decided which targets to blow up

After a dispute with one of the F.B.I. superiors


 I was let go.
The fanatic group which was later on verified as the extension of Al Quaida- lost their Bomb- maker.

Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, known as " the Blind Sheik ", reached out to one of his followers(Osama bin Laden ), to send him another Bomb- Technician, which was Ramsi Youssef

who build, delivered the bomb which blew up The World Trade Center in 1993.
The J.T.T.F. reached out to me , to go back to the investigation, which I did. I became the

personal  Body-Guard and very close confident to the blind




sheik, who requested that I must give him a " BAIEAH ",meaning, that I would have to

 dedicate my life to him through Siddique Ali

       Siddique's money to rent place                                       Siddique's tapes for under ground
                  to build the bombs                                                                 training in Sudan

which I did and consequently he ordered me to blow up a bomb in a unit of the American Army. He also gave me a " Fatwa "to verify that blowing up the United Nations is not illicit

                             PLEDGING ALLEGIANCE TO THE SHEIK ( BAIEAH )



Luckily, I was acting upon my mission, by recording the conversation, which was the main tool for the prosecutor MR/ANDREW MCCARTHY, who portrayed a great deal of honesty and professionalism in gathering the evidence and pursuing his job as a fair
prosecutor, which led to the conviction

                                 FEDERAL PROSECUTOR ANDREW MCCARTHY

 of THE PRINCE OF JEHAD and his followers who participated in building the 5 bombs to destroy Manhattan.


                                       FEDERAL JUDGE MICHAEL MUKASEY

He amazed me in " The Day of Terror " Trial. There were numerous Defendants including Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman , who had numerous Lawyers , yet he ran the Trial very strictly, without any bias. After the 12 Jurors convicted all Defendants ,Judge Michael Mukasey delivered the Sentences and closed the Case with a brief speech and did not forget to praise me for the work I had done.
After the conviction, I visited President SADAT'S grave and I saluted him for the great Peace
Agreement between two rivals EGYPT and ISRAEL at camp David.


During the time of building the five bombs  my life was exposed to a great deal of danger,from being confronted by Siddique Ali as it is shown in the photo                               where he is pointing a rifle at me , inside the safe- house

where the plotting to

build bombs took place, to blow up the Targets

Siddique unloading bags of the ingredients for the 5 bombs.


Amir Abd el Gany unloading the barrels for the 5 bombs


Victor Alvarez delivered the weapon and I was instructed to check it out

  Siddique instructed me to sweep  for any bugging devices in the safe house .

Adjusting the count down for the bombs timers

When the servileness equipment male function and create loud noise
I have to move swiftly to cover it up( it was my life on the line )


                                  THE TARGETS

                                                   1-The Washington Bridge
                                                   2-The United Nations
                                                   3-The Lincoln Tunnel
                                                   4-The Holland Tunnel
                                                   5- The F.B.I.Building in lower Manhattan

All these Targets were supposed to be blown up simultaneously.

Through my undercover work, I was able to dissect  Al Quaida Members and assist in solving many unknown questions. Through this site, hopefully, I can raise the awareness of anyone who does not know what really happened .

                                                             UNDER COVER
Going Undercover is a very strenuous task, especially when you work with ruthless people , who are armed and they will not hesitate to behead you in front of a video camera and display the gruesome killing on the Internet for the whole World to see and get terrorized from even thinking about cooperating with the authorities to uncover or to report their devious plots.
However, since I started my Undercover work with the first Al Quaida cell on American soil in 1991 - 1995 my main safety was not through a gun,or a knife, but it was constantly maintained by God.



As a U.s. citizen, who did what it takes to defend and protect his Home- country as I did for my Mother-Home- Country during my years of Service in the Egyptian Military- I have some constructive remarks due to my Experience in the U.S.

       It started after the first Bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 when
the Joint Terrorist Task Force for the F.B.I. requested from me to go back Under-cover and continue my effort to penetrate Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and his cell in the U.S.

My feeling of guilt for the death of six victims and the thousand injured and the hundreds of thousands of Dollars in collateral damage from the first bomb,which we could have prevented,if we continued the investigation ,which was stopped by the F.B.I. management.
 I accepted the Mission,and since they could not prove his involvement in Mustafa Shalabi's death, or Meir Kahana's assassination, or the Bombing of the World Trade Center. The F.B.I.'s suspicions were undisputable, that Sheik Omar is the sole Provocateur behind All of the Above,yet-No smoking Gun to hold him responsible.
SHEIK OMAR is a cunning man, never leaving his Fingerprints on any of his crimes.

       I accepted the mission, knowing that it is a One-Way-Ticket,with no return.I have to lose my given name,I have to lose my entire Life Credentials and lose my Peace of Mind by exposing my family to a great deal of danger. I know, once I testify against The Prince Of jihad and his fanatic followers, I will have to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life, so do my wife and children.

       The brutality of these fanatics was so clear, when they brutalized and beheaded a Journalist only for him being an American. So, you can imagine, what these fanatics will fantasize to do to the man, who put their prince and spiritual leader in the hands of the Infidels- I mean, the AMERICANS.

        I rolled up my sleeves and I worked as hard as I could, to bring the Reality and the Truth to Justice.
        Sheik Omar gives me his " Fatwa " as it appears on the recorded Tape, that: " Bombing The United Nations is not illicit ".Not only that, he proceeded further to give me a straight order to do harm to The American Army,at the same time, he maintained his Innocence from any accusations, or rumors.
         Siddique Ali handed me the Downpayment (Appearing in the photograph) to rent a Safe-House to build the 5 bombs, intended to blow up 5 Major Landmarks in New-York City, and we started to survey the Targets ,to see how much security we needed to go through during planting the Bombs.

          At 7:00 a.m. my F.B.I. Agents knocked my door, snatching me in a hurry and taking me to a Safe-place used only by the F.B.I.
          I noticed, that the Agents are disturbed. When I asked: "What is wrong?",they put the New-York Post Newspaper in front of me with the headline," Revealing the Details of the Operation "( The only thing missing, was my name ).Of course, an Operation like this must be Top- Secret, to protect lives, especially the life of the man, who accepted the Mission and went Under-cover.
          I asked: "Who leaked this ?", Four Agents and their Supervisor looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders, with no answer.I was shocked, when the Agents suggested to stop the whole case at this time, due to the danger I was exposed to. Two hours of conversation between the Agents and their Supervisor and myself ended with the decision, that we were at the Point of No Return, especially that is was the day I should meet the people Underground in the Safe-House, to start building the Bombs. I thought, that eventually the F.B.I.will be able to find the mole- but I guess the mole was powerful enough, not to be held accountable for leaking a covert Operation,to uncover the Perpetrators behind The World trade Center Bombing in 1993. for the sake of the cover-up of secrets, which would never be revealed, if I die.

                         ACCOUNTABILITY  2

                 ( IHUD ARAD 1993)
         AND THE 2001 HIGHJAKERS
Sultan El Gauli, a shady character, who was arrested on weapon smuggling charges, was also connected to the " Sphinx Trade " in New- Jersey. I met him at the time , when Siddig Ali instructed me to rent a Safe- House . Siddig's cunning mind will not allow himself to risk falling into the hands of the F.B.I. or, at least that is what he thought.He said to me:"From now on , I will change your name to IHUD ARAD " ( A Jewish name ) and he took me to meet with Sultan El Gauli at the " Sphinx Trade " in New- Jersey. After a quick conversation in the back of the store, they invited me in. They took my picture and produced the identification card you see in the picture above.Siddig handed me the ID with an adress and my picture under the name of " IHUD ARAD ",as well as a Social Security Number and he said : " Use these identifications to rent a Safe- House, so when the Feds try to track us down, they will think, the JEWS did it", meaning the Bombings.

 STOP, FASTFORWARD, in the Year 2001, some of the highjackers, who blew up the Twin- Towers, obtained fake Identification- cards from the same " Sphinx Trade ". Also, that is the same place, where Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman had a Safe-Deposit-Box. Furthermore, Saied Nossair, the Assassin of Rabbi Meir Kahana had a Safe- Deposit-Box at the " Sphinx Trade". I am wondering -WHY?.

                                                     THE F.B.I. 

My first contact with the F.B.I. was in 1991, when I was approached by a professional, ethical and dedicated Hump. Her name is Nancy Floyd. She doesn't work 9:00 to 5:00,
but her life revolved around her career, as an agent for the Russian Squad in the New- York office. Sharp as a razor, she approached me, identifying herself and showing me her credentials. She earned my trust as fast as it could be, due to her straightforwardness. When she announced, that she was in need of my assistance,she never made me feel, that I was being used to pass as much information as I could collect from a group of Russians, who were staying in the hotel I worked at. The courtesy and appreciation she showed me in the duration of me in the duration of my being an Intelligence Asset for the Russian Squad, lasted for months and my respect for the intelligence and dedication I observed in Nancy Floyd, painted a great picture of an F.B.I. Agent. Furthermore, I was involved  another case with the Joint Terrorist Task Force of the New- York Office
, through Agent John Anticev and his Partner Louie Napoli. My shocking experience started, when the J.T.T.F Supervisor requested from me to change my role from Intelligence Asset , to becoming an Informant. I was being insulted, humiliated and belittled in a Hotel room , where the meetings took place, which resulted in my walking out on the Supervisor, who acted as God's deputy on earth. Furthermore, I was amazed and astonished, when I met with an even higher Supervisor in the New- York office, who was in charge of the Terrorist Task Force. They called him an " ASAC ", ( Assistant Special Agent in Charge ). That is when I experienced the complete separation between the Humps, who were represented in Nancy, John, Louie and Steve and the Suits, which were represented in their Supervisor and the ASAC as well. It seems to me, as if the higher in Management you go, the more separation I felt between these Suits and their Humps. So now we know the two major divisions in the New- York Office of the F.B.I.
The Humps on the street, rain or shine, cold or hot, are bombarded by the abuse and misuse of the American Liberty- whereas the Suits in their offices enjoy the air conditioned rooms and are completely disconnected from what the Humps are gathering, building and executing. All what it takes is one stroke from the Suit's pen, to destroy the effort of the Humps. The sweat and tears they shed, is all evaporating, due to the lack knowledge and connection to the street.
You may ask, why Louis Frey was one of the most successful, ethical and dedicated Directors of the F.B.I.?     The answer is, because one day, he was also a Hump. He walked the walk and talked the talk of the Agents on the street, before he became the Director of the F.B.I.
Another example, the ASAC of the Russian Squad, LEN PREDTECHENSKIS , was very successful in running his Squad  -   and the answer is  -  He was a Hump before he became a Suit.
 It will take pages to state the incidents, where some of the Suits I got in touch with, during the work I did from 1991 - to 1995,portrayed the lack of information and knowledge, since they were appointed in their positions only for political reasons

                                                 WHO IS HE

                                                      LEN PREDTECHENSKIS


He is a Soviet Counter Intelligence Specialist, who handled cases from Bank Robberies to General Criminal Investigations. He also is a U.S. Naval Officer and Instructor, who has been in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Okinawa, Taiwan, Phillipines  -  You name it -  He has done it all. He recruited and directed many Soviet/ Russian Agents for the U.S. Government and he also debriefed numerous Double- Agent Operations, between the U.S. and the Soviet/Russian Union.

He is a Genius Investigator, to the point, that he was awarded Commendations from the F.B.I., the C.I.A. and even from Foreign Intelligence Agencies.

He always trusted and advised his Agents to the point, that he had no need to be in touch with me, when I worked as an Intelligence Asset for his Division. I saw him a couple of times in the whole year, while I was assisting Nancy Floyd in gathering her Intelligence Information.

                     WHY DOES THE F.B.I.
                HAVE NO OTHER EMAD SALEM



It is not a secret, that fighting terrorism requires a different type of intelligence, the most important type is human intelligence. It is very hard for Non Middle Eastern Descents to infiltrate Terrorist Cells and if they succeed to penetrate the outer orbits of any cell, it will be impossible to reach the core of the cell. So, we cannot deny, that we need a lot of support from the Muslim community on U. S. soil and abroad, the culture will prevent complete penetration, due to the lack of trust. So, I willsuggest, that we have to digest the Islamic culture to be able to communicate with the sources- healthy communication.

At the time I was doing my presentations at the F.B.I. Academy, I did my best to focus on explaining the cultural differences between the West and the Islamic Culture, so that the Agents can understand where the Muslim People are coming from, in their Ideas and Traditions. It is easier to communicate with the Muslim People using their own way of thinking. Unfortunately, the economy went bad and the F.B.I. budget has been cut, so there no longer is a possibility for me to deliver what I used to do.

The idea, that the Fanatics are a group of idiots- and as one of the A.S.A.C.'s said to me verbatumly  " You SOB's don't come here from the Middle East,dragging sand in your shoes and tell me , how to run my Squad ! " . That A.S.A.C. was in charge of the Terrorist Sqad and I was Under Cover, infiltrating one of  the Al Quaida cells on American soil. The condescending  communication will do nothing but harm to the cooperation between the Muslim community and the F.B.I. The mutual respect could be very productive, especially with the Middle Eastern Mentality and as they say, "You can attract more bees with honey, than with vinegar "

I suggest, you don't treat the Muslim community as Third World People, or second class citizens, because that will only increase the gap and decrease the cooperation.

Maybe, I was not lucky enough, at the time I went Under Cover, but I pray, that the way of treating the sources is now different. I think, if we had a source who could have penetrated  Anwar Al Awlaki before he went to Yemen,  things would be better now.

The following Terrorists failed to carry out their missions due to God's Grace, except Major Hassan, who was connected to Anwar Al Awlaky.
The lack of Human Intelligence allowed Major Hassan to assassinate Military Personel.

1-Anwar Al Awlaky ( Arranged the USS Cole in Yemen )
2-Richard Reed ( The Shoe Bomber )
3-Umar Farouk (ABD AL MOTALEB)
4-Fisa Shazad ( The Times Square Bomber )
5-NidaL Hassan ( Military Psychologist who killed his collegues )



                      THE MARSHALS

After finishing my Testimony in the last case, which involved the highest rank in Al Quaida, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, which lasted more than a month on the Stand,testifying in a gruelling cross-examination by a dozen of skilled Attorneys, the F.B.I. handed me over to the Witness-Protection Crew, who picked up my wife and two children and secured our departure with the New- York Swat-Team, who secured the entire building on Broadway, in the middle of a Media-Frenzie at the entranceof the building where we lived, waiting to get a glimpse of me, or my family.

I was amazed, the way they communicated with each other, securing the 12- story building,without panic,or a glitch. These Deputies knew what they were doing, which impressed me greatly. They moved my family and myself out of the buiding, without anybody noticing. The Helicopter was conducting the surveillance and communicating with the Irish, grey-haired Deputy Elfie Mc Neill, who treated his Deputies, as if they were his own children, with discipline, respect and a great deal of communication. They took us to a Safe-House,pre-arranged to accomodate my family and I .

At this time , the F.B.I. had lost all direct communication with me.Anybody who wanted to get in touch with me , had to go through the Marshal-Service. The next morning they moved us again and again- But each time I watched a Symphony of communication between all the Marshals which was played smoothly , swiftly and with accuracy from car to car, from car to van, from van to private Jet.

 It all happened in the utmost secrecy and professionalism, I can honestly say, it is the most successful Federal Agency I ever experienced.

I have been through a long journey with the Marshals, who changed our names and identities, to avoid the constant threats. I take my hat off to the Witness-Protection Program and all of the Deputies who were assigned to protect me for the duration of two years , while I was transcribing hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings, as a preparation for the Trial.

I was never before treated with such respect as a U.S. citizen as much as the Marshals did.
 I am sad to say, that there is a reality in the back of the F.B.I. Management that I am second class citizen,which shows in the way they handled me from their air- conditioned office, they never looked at my eyes and they never trusted their Humps, who worked with me hand in hand and eye to eye.
All Marshal Deputies looked like each other, I couldn't distinguish the Humps from the Suits.

                        THE MONEY FACTOR
It is widely reported in different Media outlets, that I knocked on the door of the F.B.I, offering information in return of money.

            * FALSE

It is also reported, in a variety of Media and the Internet, that I was paid 1.5 Million Dollars in exchange of my work for the F.B.I.

            * FALSE

I have been described in some News Paper Articles, that I am a mercenary,womanizer,money- hungry Individual and also, that I was jobless.

            * FALSE


             1. I was approached by Special Agent Nancy Floyd at my Office in the Woodward Hotel in Manhattan, where I worked as an Engineer/ Head of Security.

             2. Agent Floyd requested my cooperation and assistance to gather information for the F.B.I. about a group of Russian Guests in my Hotel.

             3.I accepted Special Agent Nancy Floyd's request, as an American Citizen
who loves the country he chose to live in and with no financial compensation.

             4.Proudly I used my occupation as Head of Security, who carries a Master key to the entire Hotel, to gather everything possible about these Russians, who could harm my country.

             5. Apparently, Agent Floyd was impressed about the way I gathered the copies of all documents, photos, fingerprints and passports.

             6. At that time Agent Floyd explained to me that I became an " Asset " for the counter intelligence division for the New- York Office ( Russian Squad ).

             7. I continued to provide up to date information for approximately 9 months, without any compensation of any kind- especially financial.

             8. I started to assist the Immigration and Naturalization Service  in some under-cover work as per Agent Floyd's request which went on for 3 months, until Agent Kyle Hutchinson completed his investigation and conducted his arrests..During these 3 months I started my assistance at 6:00 a.m.daily,without any type of compensation whatsoever as well.

             9. After  finishing the I.N.S 3- month investigation, Agent Floyd directed my assistance to the Terrorist Squad who requested me to assist in providing information regarding the assassination that took place in Manhattan. After 2 months of providing information to Terrorist Squad Agent John Anticev, the Director of the Woodward Hotel discovered that I cooperate with the F.B.I - so he fired me,thinking that I am putting him in a vulnerable position,especially since he was conducting many illegal activities.

             10. Only then Agent John Anticev and Agent Nancy Floyd proposed to me to compensate my lost wages and I started to collect the same amount $500.00 p. week, according to my former pay stubs.

              11. After the first World Trade Center Bombing, the F.B.I. requested from me to continue my infiltration and work under-cover for the same amount-$500.00 p. week.

              12. After the case ( Trial of the Blind Sheik and his Followers ) was about to end, the Assistant District Attorney Andrew Mc. Carthy requested from me a list of losses, me and my wife would occur, so they can figure out a number for the financial compensation to be given to me by the F.B.I.

               13 . As soon as I lose my name and my Identity, by entering the Witness Protection Program, I will not be able to get a job in the U.S., using my former credentials. My wife's Masters Degree could not be used to obtain a job either,nor , further down the line, obtaining her Pension in the U.S.and her original country, Germany. Under the new Identity, I will lose my Family's complete Medical Coverage, which I am entitled to, as a Military Veteran

               14. I will not be able to claim ownership of any assets I own over-seas, under the new Identity.

                15. It took 4 weeks for the US. attorney's office and the F.B.I. to figure out the amount of money to compensate me for the losses my family and I will occur.

1.  Why do they hate the Western World?

 *These Fanatic People's lack of Education makes them an easy prey for somebody who knows how to use, abuse and misuse the Islamic words. The poverty, the pain and misery these individuals lived in , made them hateful to the American Way of Life, so they love to inflict pain on the Western World, even if it will go so far as to kill them. But you also see, how desperately they want to immigrate to any Western Country, especially to America. They love to wear Jeans, American Sneakers and lately they start to listen to Arabic Rappers.

     Even though I am born Middle Eastern, I could not understand the amount of hatred directed towards the Western World , until I started to remove my blind-folders , by going undercover among the first extension of Al Quaida on American soil, specifically when I body- guarded the family of the assassin of the Rabbi Meir Kahana

   (Saied Nosair)and I was  able to infiltrate them deeply enough to become the Body-Guard of the Prince of Jihad, Sheik Omar Abdel

Rahman ( The Blind Sheik )


Amazingly, I discovered that each individual in the cell has a different agenda. One of them is a power- seeker,another money- hungry, the third one loves the game of "Cops and Robbers "and some of them will do anything , just to be famous like Ahmed Abd Al Sattar   even as a Terrorist. However, with all of these different Agendas in one cell, yet they all hide behind the Islamic curtains, or maybe, the Jihad or carrying "God's Word.

At the time Mr. Siddique Ali took the stand in the mosque every Friday in Foley Square,Downtown Manhattan, inviting everyone in the mosque to follow God's Word and be a good Muslim and yet , once his wife went to sleep at Midnight, he dialed (call-girls) and practiced phone-sex.

                   SHEIK OMAR                      ABD AL RAHMAN HAGGAG

When one of Sheik Omar's Followers (ABD AL RAHMAN HAGGAG ) sent his wife to clean and cook for him due to his illness,he made advances at her, which enraged his Follower to the point that he attacked Sheik Omar verbally in front of all of us. Not only that, but this man started to write a book  about Sheik Omar's behavior under the title "Hippocratic behavior and Betrayal in Omar Abdel Rahman's  Personality".Unfortunately  the name of the Author cannot be revealed, due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Another example, when Mr. Wahid Mataravy

joined us in the safe-house, where we were building the bombs, he admitted, that he is a car- thief, stealing cars and immediately exporting them out of the country in containers.

It saddens me to see these people claiming that they are religious and that they are willing to do Jihad for the sake of God by mixing and building bombs


yet they are the first to violate not only Man's Law , but also God's Law.

At the time Mr. Hampton El   claimed Jihad and religious behavior, yet he admitted on my covert recorder, that he robbed 12 Post -Offices at Gunpoint.

  2.  How they became Fanatics?

1The power of the word   2Lack of education  3poverty which creates anger ,that makes the religion a good way to hide behind, to manifest all of the above .

                  The Power of the Word

At the time when I was living at Sheik Omar's apartment in New- Jersey, as his Body-guard/Cook/most of everything-  I was able to discover " The Power of the Word", especially in the hands of capable men, who understand their culture and their religious attachments- then he designed his fiery speeches


to provoke everybody's manhood.
By saying to a large group of people , coming to pray in the mosque:

"You are the worshipers of the mighty dollar, you abandoned your mothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan , who are now carrying in their wombs blue eyed fetuses who were fathered by Americans - Are you man enough to up-rise ? To protect your pregnant mothers and sisters ?      
Do you have enough manhood in you , to soar and roar in the defense of your fellow Muslims?   If not,-YOU CAN FINANCE the fighters, who are willing to fight for their fellow Muslims and if you contribute to prepare for Gihad  then you are a " Mujahed "

After those provocative, fiery, well- designed words, you see the anger in every man's face.
         The result- $8.000.00 US DOLLARS were collected that night, and given to "the Prince of Jihad "---The blind Sheik.
          Repeating  the usage of these tools made him a master in creating a group of enraged people, who will do anything to keep God happy and the sheik.
At the time I was in his apartment in NEW-JERSEY, I saw a shoe box with $65,000,00, thanks to the mujaheddin .

                                                MORE TO KNOW    

     So ask yourself if you are a believer or an infidel (don't wait for the Fanatics ) to tell you
The Believer according to the  Quran  in  An-Nisa  chapter(4) verse # 136



*who are the INFIDELS (KAFER) and how does the real ISLAM deal with them? Chapter(109)
It is clear how GOD ordered the believers to keep their belief to themselves and let the disbelievers keep their believes to them selves.
There was no mention of killing them.

*Should the Muslim people obey GOD'S law only ?
The answer is clear, in this part from the quran ,  that believers must obey GOD, the prophet (P.B.U.H.) and those of you who are in authority .



     Recordings don't lie
   The main witness leading to
   their conviction was their own voice.
          MORE TO COME

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